Watch Adoption Videos to Learn About What Matters When Thinking About An Adoption Plan for Your Baby

When you’re thinking about adoption for your baby or child, there’s a lot to consider! At this time it’s important for you to be in touch with your own feelings, may they be negative or positive. When you think about adoption, you will probably start thinking about the adoptive family and surroundings you wish for your child.

Video profiles of prospective adoptive parents can be very helpful to watch because they’re created for women like you, women thinking about adoption. Families and couples hoping to adopt create videos to give you a window into their lives. That way, you can get a sense of their character and lifestyle. They talk directly to you about their values, and how they would raise a child.

By watching adoption videos, you will learn what matters most to you. This decision is an emotional matter, and you’ll be drawn to families that represent the life you wish for your baby.

How to Find the Right Family for Your Baby

Watching an adoptive family video will give you a good sense of the parent’s personalities and lifestyle. If faith is important to you, or education matters, or if you want your baby to grow up with siblings – this is shown in an adoption video. You can see how the parents interact with each other and as a family. You’re able to see the house they live in and get a feel for their values. Watching many family videos can help you make a decision that’s true to what you wish for your child’s future. This website was created to give you windows into the lives of some hopeful adoptive families.

Personality & Lifestyle

A video profile allows you to see the interaction between potential adoptive parents. You can feel if someone has a good sense of humor, just by watching them. You can look for other personality traits that are important to you, such as loving, kind and caring behavior. You also get a sense of their lifestyle and surroundings.

Family & Community

In a video profile, hopeful adoptive parents talk about their relationship to their family and children. If they’re a young couple, they often show you how they are with their nieces and nephews. Seeing how they relate to their loved ones and the larger community is very important to build trust.

Hoping for Children

Like you, parents who are hoping to adopt are on a journey. They’re led by a strong desire to have a child. There are many reasons why parents want to adopt and it’s helpful to learn about their story. Learning about it can help you decide what’s important to you when considering adoption.

This Month’s Featured Family: Jordan and Tina

“We’re ready to become first-time parents through open adoption. You would always hold a special place in our hearts.”
Learn more on Jordan and Tina’s website.

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